geowombat.tasseled_cap(data, nodata=None, sensor=None, scale_factor=None)#

Applies a tasseled cap transformation

  • data (DataArray) – The xarray.DataArray to process.

  • nodata (Optional[int or float]) – A ‘no data’ value to fill NAs with. If None, the ‘no data’ value is taken from the xarray.DataArray attributes.

  • sensor (Optional[str]) – The data’s sensor. If None, the band names should reflect the index being calculated.

  • scale_factor (Optional[float]) – A scale factor to apply to the data. If None, the scale value is taken from the xarray.DataArray attributes.

Return type:



>>> import geowombat as gw
>>> with gw.config.update(sensor='qb', scale_factor=0.0001):
>>>     with gw.open('image.tif', band_names=['blue', 'green', 'red', 'nir']) as ds:
>>>         tcap = gw.tasseled_cap(ds)
Return type:




  • data (DataArray) –

  • nodata (float | int | None) –

  • sensor (str | None) –

  • scale_factor (float | None) –



See [WS05]


See [SHT11]


See [Per06]

Landsat ETM+:

See [HWY+02]

Landsat OLI:

See [BZST14]


See [LC07]


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See [ACG+14]


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