geowombat.radiometry.landsat_pixel_angles(angles_file, ref_file, out_dir, sensor, l57_angles_path=None, l8_angles_path=None, subsample=1, resampling='bilinear', num_workers=1, verbose=0, chunks=256)[source]#

Generates Landsat pixel angle files.

  • angles_file (str) – The angles file.

  • ref_file (str) – A reference file.

  • out_dir (str) – The output directory.

  • sensor (str) – The sensor.

  • l57_angles_path (str) – The path to the Landsat 5 and 7 angles bin.

  • l8_angles_path (str) – The path to the Landsat 8 angles bin.

  • subsample (Optional[int]) – The sub-sample factor when calculating the angles.

  • resampling (Optional[str]) – The resampling method if filename is a list. Choices are [‘average’, ‘bilinear’, ‘cubic’, ‘cubic_spline’, ‘gauss’, ‘lanczos’, ‘max’, ‘med’, ‘min’, ‘mode’, ‘nearest’].

  • num_workers (Optional[int]) – The maximum number of concurrent workers.

  • verbose (Optional[int]) – The verbosity level.

  • chunks (Optional[int]) – The file chunk size. Default is 256.

Return type:



zenith and azimuth angles as a namedtuple of angle file names